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We look forward to supporting your organization with Summit's Affordable Care Act solution! Answer the following employer-specific questions and submit them by email through Summit will provide a quote within 2 business days.

    1. 1. Legal names of controlled or affiliated service groups?
    1. 2. Legal names of entities in each controlled or affiliated service group?
    1. 3. Contact info and company address?
    1. 4. What measurement method was used in the previous reporting year?
    1. 5. Was the measurement method one of the allowable methods defined by the IRS ACA Regulations (LBMM or MMM), was it an in-house version not in line with the IRS ACA Regulations, or was it a combination of some sorts?
    1. 6. Payroll frequency for each entity? (Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly)
    1. 7. If Payroll frequency is not monthly, can calendar month hours be pulled for each entity?
    1. 8. Number of payroll/HR systems?
    1. 9. Can payroll data (from each entity) be consolidated in one file? If not, how many files?
    1. 10. Number of current employees in each entity?
    1. 11. Number of W-2’s issued last year for each entity?
    1. 12. What is the health plan year (calendar year or non-calendar year)?
    1. 13. Number of current employees receiving benefits in each entity?
    1. 14. Number of health plans for each entity?
    1. 15. Any self-insured plans?

Summit is prepared to assist employers and advisors in any questions they may have, and help navigate their legal compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

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