ACA Services

No Surprises ACA Compliance Reporting

With our full-service ACA administration, you will be prepared to act upon every aspect of the employer mandate. We’ll advise each of your management teams with relevant information based on your company’s monthly payroll and coverage data..

HR - With eligibility forecasting, we’ll tell you which of your employees have met the requirements for a benefit offer in upcoming stability periods.

COO - We will forecast future enrollments and let you know how many hours each employee may work before becoming entitled to a benefit offer for all stability periods over the next year.

CFO - We track penalty liability as well as the ongoing cost of lenient benefit policies. We’ll monitor the ongoing costs of procedural errors and policy decisions.

CEO - We’ll provide warning if you are ever close to the ‘nuclear’ penalties.

Our monthly advising will help your organization adhere to your internal benefits policies, make mid-course corrections when policies are not followed, and make policy changes when unintended consequences of policy decisions are projected to occur. The ability to make virtually real-time adjustments to policies and procedures will ensure your organization an optimal, “no surprises” result.

Because we process your employee data on a monthly basis, we will be prepared to file to the IRS accurately and on time. We will save you from last minute questions, data gathering, and decisions.

We look forward to working with your organization to design the most effective ACA compliance plan that meets your objectives, no matter how complex they may be.

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