Third Party Administration

TPA Services

Summit Benefit & Actuarial Services, Inc. provides third party actuarial and technical support services to over 25 TPA firms nationwide. We have been partners with many of these firms for over a decade. We provide the following services:

    • Plan design
    • Plan documents
    • Annual actuarial valuations
    • Cash balance and advanced plan design
    • Benefit calculations
    • ASC 715 reports
    • Review of cross-testing nondiscrimination tests
    • Plan termination support
    • Technical support

Our fees are reasonable and all our TPA partners find partnership with Summit is profitable. We understand that you need to be able to make money on the work we do, and our fees are structured accordingly. Our turnaround time is unrivaled – with five actuaries we are able to respond to work requests quickly.

Feel free to call Norman Levinrad at 1-541-344-8911 to discuss our third party services, or to request references.